When a business finds a reliable supplier for overstock clearance products at great prices, it can be a partnership made in small business heaven. BuyMerchant.com wants to become your supplier for wholesale, overstock, and clearance products at low prices. We survive and thrive on repeat business; supply your store with our low-priced goods, keep your stock up to date, and offer great deals and you will too.


Any store owner knows that buying in bulk is a key to making profit. But it is rare that even when buying wholesale you’ll find deals like the ones offered at BuyMerchant.com. Because we constantly update our stock with the latest clearance items, seasonal products, and As Seen on TV promotions, you’ll want to check back for the best bargains for your store. You know what kind of items your customers want; our selection is varied enough to make sure that you can get those items at the cost you need to make the profit you deserve.


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Seasonal items are a big deal in the world of wholesale, overstock, and clearance items. Because their shelf life is fairly short, they are available from manufacturers for very low prices. But while seasonal items may have a short shelf life in terms of this year, they will be just as in demand next year, and shopping ahead for your supply can save you a lot of money in the long run. Just as the best time to buy summer clothes is at the beginning of fall, the best time to stock up on Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas supplies is right after the holiday has occurred.


Supply your store with quality overstock clearance products from BuyMerchant.com. Shopping online with us is easy; log in to our secure storefront today to begin.


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