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Wholesale Flip Flops carries a wide array of items, from apparel to office supplies, and our stock is always changing depending upon the season, what’s in style, what’s not, and where our overstock and clearance items are coming from. What doesn’t change, though, is our selection of wholesale flip flops. Available year round, wholesale flipflops are a perfect addition for many kinds of retail stores. If you run a drug store that happens to be near a beach or a public pool, you’ll notice how many you sell in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Same goes for a clothing store in a place where it’s warm year round. Flip flops are about comfort and convenience; if you have them prominently placed in your store they will fly off the shelves.


Like we said before, wholesale flip flops are not all we offer. Depending upon the season, we might offer everything from winter stocking caps to home decor, luggage, accessories, and more. Small retailers are looking to keep items in constant supply for a small amount of up front money, might just become your new best friend.


Check back often to see updates in our stock. Look through our Closeouts section for great deals that go fast. Whether you need wholesale flipflops or popular decorative items to keep in stock, you’ve come to the right place.


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Barack Obama Items

Barack Obama Items

Our latest president has become, to many, not just a politician but an icon of hope. This icon status is reflected in the popularity of portraits and t-shirts bearing his image. If you run a retail outlet where it’s hard to keep Obama-related items in stock, consider as your new supplier for everything Barack. From t-shirts to portraits popular in urban stores, we have it all.


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