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If you are running a small business or doing a fundraiser, there’s no better way to attract clientele or make a first impression than to do a free giveaway. Promotional items given away at a grand opening or a meeting to raise funds, when useful, quality products, keep your business in mind as people use the items in day to day life. BuyMerchant.com has a number of items available in bulk that make great giveaways. If you’re looking for wholesale promotional products of all different kinds, take a look through our selection of cheap wholesale products. We think you’ll find something you like.


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Suggested Cheap Wholesale Product Promotions


A giveaway that is always useful is a pen or pencil. People are always losing pens, so you can never have too many, and no one ever throws away a free pen. Include a free pen with every purchase at a grand opening or when signing people up for an account at a new bank and they’ll think of your business whenever they use it. But that’s just one idea; here are some more wholesale promotional products you can purchase from BuyMerchant.com:



  • Wholesale swim caps to promote the opening or re-opening of a community pool or athletic facility
  • The PediPaws pet nail trimmer as a giveaway with a first veterinary visit
  • Laundry bags with purchases at a new clothing store
  • Seasonal items around the holidays
  • Many more


There are many cheap wholesale products to choose from here at BuyMerchant.com. Search the various categories to the left of the page and find something that’s right for your business as a promotional giveaway. We guarantee the combination of price and quality will not be beat by any of our competitors. Shop wholesale with BuyMerchant.com today.


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