Dollar Store Items: Wholesale Deals

Dollar Store Items

Running a small business these days is difficult, especially if you are running a discount or dollar store. While people are looking to save money and shopping more often at discount outlets than at more expensive stores, spending as a whole is going down and when you sell low-priced goods the profit margin is very small. Whether you need to stock wholesale accessories for iPods and cell phones or smaller dollar store items, wholesale deals you’re looking for are available now from sells directly to small retailers at prices they can afford, helping them compete with the larger big box stores and discount outlets. This means getting quality overstock goods at low prices so that even if you are selling dollar store items, wholesale profits will help your business gain market share.


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Wholesale Accessories and More

Wholesale Accessories

The selection at is varied and changes with the seasons. New items are constantly coming in, but supplies go quickly, especially with some of our more popular items, so it is important to check back often to make sure you don’t miss deals on wholesale accessories for iPods and cell phones, popular “As Seen on TV” items, jewelry, men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, swim gear, electronics and more.


Unlike many wholesalers, where you have to have an established relationship going back years to get the best deals, operates as simply as any online retail store. In fact, many of our items are also available in retail quantities if you do not want to purchase in bulk. Simply register an account with us and benefit from our secure online storefront when ordering items with which to supply your discount store or retail outlet. You can also call us at 1-646-418-6561 for assistance. We will be happy to help.


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