Wholesale Fly Dragonfly Remote Control Helicopter – Dragonfly RC Helicopters - Case 8

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Wholesale Syma Fly Dragonfly Remote Control Helicopter "8 Helicopters"

The Bumble Bee Dragonfly RC helicopter can move Up, Down, Left and Right. The RC Helicopter features Proportional Control, Altitude and Rotor Speed Control, Flight Stabilizing System, and Lightweight Airframe. This Bumble Bee Dragonfly RC Helicopter comes with radio remote controller, Brake for Easy Landing and everything that you need to fly! The Bumble Bee electric RC helicopter flies over 100 feet high. It's time for you to soar in the sky with this great helicopter! Improved Twin Blade Dual Propeller Version. This helicopters can been flown by anyone with minimum practice and are a great way to get into the RC Hobby Craze. You can have all the fun and thrills of flying a proper RC helicopter but without the hours of practice.

Excellent for beginners and Pro's, There are many helicopters on the market now but the Dragonfly 9093 is in a league of it's own with much better performance and agility. It comes with everything included in the box including the fully built helicopter, instructions, lithium battery, lithium charger, Ac Adaptor, Manual. A Revolution In Electric-Powered Helicopter! Fully Assembled! Everything You Need To Be Flight Ready Included & Installed. It comes in a cool window display box which makes it a great gift for any teen or big kid!
Lots of excitement and entertainment. Great Affordable Gift.


360 Degrees (Full Function)
Flies over 100 feet High
Proportional Control
Altitude & Rotor Speed Control
Flight Stabilizing System
Launch Pad Charging Station
Brake for Easy Landing
Charges in Just Minutes
Lights Up!
Easy to fly


Model No: Fly Dragonfly
Main Rotor Diameter: 495mm
Length: 598mm
Width: 160mm
Height: 168mm
Tail Rotor: 148mm
2 Channel Radio Control Helicopter
Battery: 7.2V 650mAh Ni-MH
Radio Controller: 2 Channel
Main Motor: Type 370
Required to fly: Nothing!

What's In each Box:

Brand New R/C Helicopter
2 Channel - Full Function controller
2 Motors
7.2 Volt Ni-MH Cell Battery Pack with Charger

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