Wholesale Flip Flops with Bamboo Sole - 72 Pairs

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Weight: 20.00 lbs
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Wholesale Flip Flops with Bamboo Sole
These are the perfect flip flops for spring, fall and summer
Bamboo styled sandals with dazzling colors and designed printed on sole
These feel great sandals will be a great fashion accessory for woman of any age
These flip flops are great for a day at the beach or shopping with friends at the local mall after getting your pedicure and you don’t want to mess those nails up

This is a case of 72 pairs of women's flip flops assorted colors in each case and sizes are 7 - 11 an even mixture of all sizes
Each case will have different patterns on the sole choose from the flower sole, palm tree sole or the butterfly sole or you may want a mixture of all patterns so you may choose the assorted pattern case

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