Duck Bobble Heads

Wholesale Bobble Heads - Car Bobble Heads - 48 Pieces

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Wholesale Solar Bobbleheads Bobble Head
These bobblehead collectables use solar technology for power

Absorption of light energy causes bobble-head to shake and move

Ideal eco friendly gift for all ages.
No Batteries Required!
Put on your desk, car, or windshield to enjoy.
You'll love this solar toy!
Flip Flap is a cute dancing duck bobble head 
Unique Flip-Flap is solar powered plant that does not need battery nor watering.
Duck dances gently side to side left to right when sunlight or the light energy source is charged. Flip Flap keeps shaking its and provides you with a relaxed atmosphere & release your spirit!
Put it on your desk, windows or car, then you will be unable to suppress a grin every time the duck begin to sway.The funky dancing duck sway to the light, bouncing simultaneously.
Varying in speed depending on the amount of light it's receiving
Real model with real action, this Cute Solar duck toy is really a great gift choice.
Material: Plastic
Dimension approx: 85*55*95mm
This is a case of 24 solar flower bobble heads assorted colors

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