SYMA V3 LAMA 602 RC Helicopter

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It is the best quality & best flying twin blade helicopter on the market. Not to be confused with the toy twin blade helis, long lasting lithium battery. This is the V3 which is the latest model with many improvements and upgrades. Twin blade helicopters can been flown by anyone with minimum practice and are a great way to get into the hobby. Cushioned Landing Gear Technology For A Softer Landing. You can have all the fun and thrills of flying a proper RC helicopter but without the hours of practice. Excellent for beginners & Pro's, There are many twin blade helicopters on the market now but the Lama V3 is in a league of it's own with much better performance and agility. The Lama comes with everything included in the box including the fully built heli, instructions, lithium battery, lithium charger, ac adaptor, It comes in a cool window display box which makes it a great gift for any teen or big kid!
Lots of excitement and entertainment

Great Affordable Gift


Up to 10 minutes flight time
Brake for easy landing
Flies over 30m (100 ft) high
Auto Stable & Precision Speed
Size & Light Weight
Provides Agility and Speed 
(Allows for left, right, up, & down movements) Can Make Sharp Turns
Easy to fly


Main rotor diameter: 340mm (13.4 inch)
Overall length: 360 mm (14.2 inch)
(Battery included)
Driven system: 2* 180 carbon brush motor
Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer
Control system: 2CH Multifunctional FM Transmitter and 3-in-1 Receiver
Required to fly: Nothing!

What's In My Box:

SYMA V3 LAMA CO-AXIAL Twin Blade Helicopter
2 Ch Proportional Control System
Li-Poly Battery
Built in Charger
Instruction manual
Ac Adaptor

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