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Electric Rotating Light Base - 7 Led Light Laser Light Stand

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Electric rotating light base with 7 led lights for your laser crystal light stand
Really cool 7 led lights that will give you a beautiful effect on your 3D laser etched crystal
It rotates and lights up the dazzling crystals in all colors
If you would like to upgrade from the stationary light base or the smaller 4 led light rotating base then this 7 led light rotating base would be perfect
They will get a better light effect from this base for your crystal or whatever you choose to light up on this stand like certain figurines or glass
It Measures 4" across multicolored lights
AC-Powered adopter included, you can put batteries in also, please note, it will only light up and will not rotate if use the batteries the lights stay on and you can stop the base from rotating by click the button
Note: The light will not turn off unless you unplug the AC Adapter from the base

This is for 1 rotating light base

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